Discover the beauty of Roatan up close.

Sightsee places you don't see from the confines of a vehicle.

Explore Roatan by Horse Back

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This unforgettable and varied tour is predominantly on the beach in Sandy Bay. You will see mangroves, trees that live right in the ocean and are the nursery for many of ocean creatures, and ironshore (coral reef that emerged from the ocean centuries ago). You can walk, trot or gallop (depending on your riding ability) over a long stretch of secluded beach, with palms and pines on one hand and the crystal ocean on the other. Along the way, you will see a myriad of fruit trees - almond, cashew, banana, coconut, seagrape, guava, mango, papaya, to name a few. [Ironshore] Click to enlargeThe tour will also take you through a residential area, where the street is lined with flowering shrubs - hibiscus, mandeville, bougainvillea, oleander. Keep you eyes open for lizards, iguanas, and birds such as parrots, frigate birds, pelicans, and woodpeckers. The tour lasts 1 1/2 hours.

The price is US$45 per person, unless you would like to be guaranteed a private ride where the price is US$60 per person.

[Rocks and Beach] Click to enlargeThe tour described above is our standard tour and is suitable for all riders, from the first time rider to the highly experienced. It is possible to change the tour to visit the mangroves, ride through the jungle, or do a beach only tour. These options will depend both on weather conditions and the riding abilities of all people on the tour. Please discuss any changes to the tour with the guide at saddling-up time.

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Moonlight Ride

Photographers, artists and admirers of the natural world will appreciate this magical ride. The island is bathed in a rosy-orange glow as the sun sinks into the ocean. When the sunlight wanes, it is supplanted by the bright moonlight, and the island takes on a different palette. With the absence of street lights, the night sky sparkles with an abundance of stars "city folk" rarely get to see. Sounds become more pronounced; the songs of frogs and crickets fill the air, along with the steady clop of the horses' hooves.

Does your stay on Roatan coincide with a waxing moon? Click on the Full Moon Calendar to verify. If your trip to Roatan falls in the week leading up to a full moon, don't miss it. No flashlights needed!

The price is US$50 per person, unless you would like to be guaranteed a private ride where the price is US$70 per person.